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PreLoved Caravans – Buying and Selling Second Hand Caravans


Buying preloved caravans, and you too can join the rush!  Caravaning and camping is a popular past-time in the UK, and is worth an estimated £2.5 billion to the economy, through purchases made on holiday.  In 2009, there were some 18 million caravaning or camping trips according to

Of the 18 million trips, 70% of the market is made up of people using caravans (static and touring) and motorhomes.

With the ailing economy and our love for sun, sea, sand and fun, caravaning is very much on the rise as it is becoming much more affordable than travelling to mainland Europe.

Why Find Yourself Preloved Caravans

preloved caravans

New caravans can be extremely expensive, however, they are kitted out with incredibly high specifications including double glazing and central heating.

An alternative that is popular is picking up a bargain and grabbing a second hand caravan.

As a past-time, caravaners are incredibly passionate about their journeys and endeavour to look after and maintain their caravan.  Because of this, when you enter the second hand market, you can pick up a bargain.  Second hand caravans can be bought for a lot less than new caravans and in a condition that is virtually new.

It’s not uncommon to find people refurbishing worn carpets in their caravans, or brightening them up with a lick of paint or replacing the soft furnishings.

eBay Caravans!

When it comes to where to buy a second hand caravan there are a variety of places to check.

  • Your local paper classifieds
  • Gum Tree for touring caravans
  • eBay caravans for sale
In addition to this, there are often caravan auctions held around the country.  If auctions or the sales places are not your cup of tea, you can always make private caravan sales through word of mouth or recommendations.

Accessories for Preloved Caravans

If you already have a caravan you may want to change your interior a little.  Alternatively, if you have bought one of the many preloved caravans for sale throughout the country, you may wish to spruce it up a little!  You can do this on the cheap by looking for purpose built caravan furniture, caravan beds and caravan ovens.  Often you can pick many of these items up on eBay using a local collection.

In addition to this, you can find caravan awnings on eBay, as well as sun canopies.